Monday, April 8, 2013

5 Super Fun and Free Activities To Do With Your Kids This Summer

As the summer months fast approach it is time for every parent to start coming up with ideas to have fun with the kids and keep them busy without breaking the bank.  Weather your children are young or old having a few activities planned throughout the week can be a real lifesaver and can prevent summer boredom from ever having a chance to set in.  Listed below are some super fun and free activities that you can do with your children both young and old throughout the summer months.

1.  Go to the park.  This might seem like a no-brainer but many parents don't utilize parks as a normal summer time activity and reserve it for just special occasions and or summer parties. My advice here is to find a favorite park and try to go to it at least once a week and just let the kids let loose.   As a parent of a nine and eleven year old I can assure you that even at that age they still love going to parks.  As a matter of fact they ask me all the time to take them to the park.  It's fun and engaging for the kids and gets them active and outside and best of all, it is free.

2.  Go to the library.  This is not only one of my kids favorite summer time activities to do but it is also one of my favorites as well.  The library is filled with all sorts of fun things to do.  If you have small children call ahead and check to see if they have a story time set up for the day.  Most libraries have a story time set up for younger children and the kids really enjoy it.  For older kids, the young adult and children's section is just filled with all sorts of great books to read, cd's to listen to and movies to watch.  This activity is perfect for those rainy days where the kids can't get outside to play.  And again, the best part of this activity is that it is free.
3.  Go to the beach.  No summer would be complete without having spent some time at the beach.  I don't know of to many kids that don't like to play in the water and I know of even less that like to play in the sand.  Weather your child is a true fish in the water or one that likes to play in the dirt, the beach has you covered.  Just slather on the sunscreen, grab a blanket and some good books(that you found on your rainy day trip to the library) and you have an afternoon of fun rolled into one.  My kids constantly beg me all summer to take them swimming at the beach in which on most occasions I am happy to oblige.

4.  Go Hiking.  You never know what you will find and discover on a hike.  My kids and I have been on several hikes and have had a chance to see some amazing wild life and beautiful scenery.  Depending on where you live your hike could be just a simple walk through the neighborhood or it could take you on a trail in the woods you have never been on before.  It is fun to explore and children love to discover new things.  Its not only fun to be on the adventure but it is also great exercise.
5.  Go to the farmers market.  Now I know this one might sound a little odd but it is actually an activity that my kids enjoy.  Now this activity can be totally free but in my case usually ends up with me purchasing some fresh veggies or fruit and what ever else I might find that I just have to have.  Just know that going and checking out the farmers market can be a lot of fun and a great learning experience for you and your children and it can be an activity that the whole family can enjoy doing together once a week.
I know there many more activities that are free that I could put on this list, but I decided to talk about the ones that my family really enjoys and  that are free to enjoy at any time during the summer.  The activities listed are pretty simple to plan for and don't require much of anything besides a desire to have fun.  What are some of your favorite free summer time activities?

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