Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The 20 Minute Rule For Daily Exercise

20 minutes out of each day......that's all it takes.  Just 20 minutes of good heart thumping exercise per day to help keep you fit and healthy.  For me, I say 20 minutes a day is a good starting point.  I used to hate exercising but as a began to make it a daily habit and do different things each day it began to be something that I looked forward to.  I love how I feel after a nice long hike or bike ride and enjoy all of the health benefits too.  Not only is my body thanking me but so is my mind.  It gives me a break from the stresses of daily life and allows me to focus on myself for a few minutes and check in with myself to make sure I am keep all things in balance.

Its not that difficult to get started.  One thing that I found that really helped me in the beginning was to write out a to-do list and schedule my exercise into my day.  I also added in a time that it needed to be completed by to help keep myself accountable and motivated throughout the day.  Just remember 20 minutes a day is a good starting point.  As you continue to progress in your exercise routine it is great to add in additional time and keep things interesting by doing different things.  So, What a you going to do with your 20 minutes today?


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