Monday, September 9, 2013

Benefits Of Adding Swimming To Your Exercise Routine

Swimming is something I always did a lot of as a kid.  I would spend half of my summer in the water playing around and swimming to my hearts content.  It didn't matter if the water was warm or cold, if there was a pool, pond, lake, river or ocean nearby I was in it.  Little did I know at the time that I was doing so many beneficial things for my body.  I didn't realize I was doing something good for myself besides having fun.  Swimming has so many health benefits and listed below are just a few reasons to try and incorporate swimming into your weekly exercise routine.


Heart Health:  Swimming is an aerobic exercise.  By incorporating swimming into your exercise routine you are helping to strengthen your heart by raising your heart rate and helping it pump blood throughout your body more efficiently.  Studies show that just 30 minutes of exercise daily can reduce coronary heart disease by 30 to 40 percent.  Aerobic exercise is essential to the health of your heart and should be incorporated as much as possible in to your daily exercise routine.

Increased Muscle Tone and Strength:  Not only does an exercise like swimming help to improve your heart health but it also helps to improve your muscle tone and strength.  Water is about 12 times denser than air so that means swimming also becomes a resistance exercise.  Every kick and arm stroke meets resistance from the water and works muscles better than if you were to just do an exercise like running.  The resistance from the water helps to tone and strengthen a wide variety of muscles all at one time instead of having to do several different exercises at the gym.

Weight Control/Weight Loss:  Swimming has been proven to be one of the biggest calorie burning exercises that you can do and is perfect for anyone wanting to maintain or lose weight.  As a general rule, for every 10 minutes of swimming: the breast stroke will burn approximately 60 calories, the back stroke 80 calories, the freestyle 100 calories and the butterfly stroke 150, and that is only for 10 minutes!  Adding swimming to your workout routine can definitely help to burn off the calories for your day and help to shed some unwanted weight.

Improved Flexibility:  Swimming is a very versatile exercise.  It not only helps to improve muscle strength and tone but it also helps with flexibility as well.  With the broad range of motion that a swimming stroke requires it helps to loosen and stretch tight joints, ligaments and muscles.  From the legs, hips, spine, neck and arms a swimming stroke covers the entire length of your body helping to stretch the muscles and loosen up the joints and ligaments.  Swimming is a great exercise for someone with arthritis because the water helps to eliminate the stress on the joints and ligaments and helps to loosen and stretch them out at the same time.

If incorporated properly into your exercise routine swimming can not only be highly beneficial but it can also be a lot of fun as well.  No longer is swimming just reserved for the younger youth and generation.  Adding swimming to your exercise routine can not only help you meet and achieve your weight loss goals but its over all health benefits will help out in other ways too.  There are plenty of ways to add swimming to your routine even as we are heading into autumn.  See if your area has a local pool or visit an area hotel that has a pool and see if you can get a pass to use their pool.  Try to utilize your community as best as you can and get out there and do something really great for your health like adding swimming into your regular exercise routine.


  1. You’re right! Swimming not only helps you stay in shape but can enhance your flexibility as well as increase your strength. This is great for warding off illnesses related to stress and obesity.

  2. Hi Julia! Thanks for stopping by! You make an excellent point as well about swimming not only being great for flexibility and increasing strength but also helping to ward off illnesses related to stress and obesity! Thank you for sharing that! Swimming is definitely an activity with a lot of extra bonuses!