Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Nutrition and Fitness Education Starts With Our Kids

We all know that childhood obesity is on the rise in alarming numbers.  It is no surprise to us when we hear about this day after day but what are we going to do about it?  It is up to us as the adults to give the next generation the education and support they need to learn how to make healthy choices.  To choose to exercise instead of watching 3 hours of television.  To choose the fruits and vegetables over the highly processed foods.  All of these things are learned habits from watching us.  We are the ones doing the grocery shopping and bringing the unhealthy food choices into our homes.  Fighting the childhood obesity epidemic that is running rampant through our nation starts at home.  Not in the schools or through some government program but in our own homes and making our own choices.  It is extremely difficult for some families to be able to afford good quality healthy foods and maybe that is where a different type of assistance program can be born.  But ultimately we still have to make the right choice to put the healthy foods into our grocery cart.  We still have to chose to get up and be active and we still have to chose to want to be healthy.  Are you ready to do your part?  Are you ready to help teach the next generation what good health really looks like?  I know I am!

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