Tuesday, July 15, 2014

5 Fun Outdoor Summer Activities - Breaking The Old Routine

Summer.  It is one of my favorite seasons of the year.  We get to go outside and enjoy all sorts of different activities and lots of fresh air.  It is also the perfect time to change up our exercise routines and get out of the gym and spice things up a bit.  There are so many different fun summertime activities to choose from, all of which offer some sort of health benefit and workout.  Some of the things listed on this list may even surprise you.  Here are 5 fun and easy ways to stay active and continue to workout all while enjoying the great outdoors:

  • Horseback Riding - While this might not seem like an exercise activity please take into consideration that it takes considerable leg and core strength to ride a horse.  If you have ever gone horseback riding than you will notice that the next day you are sore and your muscles are tight.  That is because you are utilizing muscles that do not normally get used even during the most rigorous exercise routines. A nice afternoon on horseback can burn up to 248 calories and help tighten up that core and those leg muscles all while enjoying fresh air and beautiful scenery.
  • Hiking - Hiking is a great way to get outside but still feel like you hit the gym.  If you enjoy getting on the treadmill and doing a brisk walk or run than hiking may be just what you need.  Check out your local trails and walkways and get outside and enjoy.  It is a great opportunity to discover the area in which you live all while getting a great workout.  A nice hike can easily burn up to 372 calories per hour.  
  • Rollerblading/Rollerskating - There is no doubt that this particular activity is a great workout for your legs and core strength.  It is a low impact aerobic workout that definitely helps maintain all of your hard workouts from the gym.  A good hour of rollerblading can easily burn up to 434 calories.  Just make sure to wear the right protective equipment such as knee pads and a helmet just incase you take a spill.  
  • Beach Volleyball/Volleyball -  The beach part isn't a necessity but can be fun.  This is a great group activity that is fun for all ages.  This particular activity is a good total body workout.  Working both arms and legs and even your core.  A fun afternoon of some volley ball can easily burn 495 calories depending on the intensity of the game.  
  • Kayaking - This activity is not only great for getting you outdoors and into nature but is also great for a fun upper body workout.  A good kayaking adventure can help burn off at least 310 calories all while enjoying all that nature has to offer.  

As you can see there are no shortage of fun activities to do outside during the summer.  I have only listed 5 things but I am sure you can see the potential to get great workouts while doing fun activities that don't make you feel like you are working out.  Exercise doesn't have to be a dirty word or thought of with loathing.  When you just get out and start being more active and just keep your body in motion you are exercising whether you realise it or not.  So get out and enjoy the summer weather while it lasts and enjoy the amazing health benefits of staying active outside of the gym.


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