Thursday, March 12, 2015

Keeping It Real

We all fall short sometimes.  We set a goal, have every intention of hitting that goal,  and BAM!!  Life throws a curve ball right down the inside line and messes everything up.  We didn't mean to let the goal slip away but inevitably it disappears into the the sea of unfinished business.  This in turn gets us down and feeling discouraged, hopeless and even helpless.  All that hard work for nothing!  We toss our hands up, throw in the towel and walk away.

In the past, I have been guilty of reacting this way when life has thrown me those darn little curve balls.  In fact, I wasted a lot of time feeling hopeless and helpless.  I would allow myself to think that all was lost because things didn't go according to plan.  I was allowing circumstances to take control over the direction of my life rather than pave my own path.  I was perfectly content with blaming the situation rather than fixing the problem.  It was an endless cycle in which there was never going to be any change unless I made the changes myself.  Sound familiar?

I remember waking up one morning and just realising with such clarity that I definitely wasn't leading the life I wanted to live.  More importantly, I realised it was time to stop making excuses.  If I wanted something in my life, I needed to pave the way to get it.  Even if that meant failing a 1,000 times, or as I like to think of it now, learning 1,000 different ways NOT to do something, I needed to pave the way.  That didn't mean I had to do everything alone.  In fact, it meant just the opposite.  It meant if I didn't know how to do something I needed to surround myself with people and influences that did.  It meant that I needed to put all my efforts into getting educated and to learn from those who had already succeeded at what I was trying to accomplish.  It meant I needed to figure out a way to make things happen.  At times that felt like an overwhelming daunting task and in fact if I tried to do this all by myself it was.  But by strategically aligning myself with key people that I could learn from and bounce questions off of, I was able to take any situation, break it down into smaller steps and actually achieve my goals and learn from it.  It was amazing how much my life started actually becoming my life again when I started keeping it real with myself and not allowing circumstances to rule my world.  It changed everything!  I exercised more, got healthy, had better confidence, spoke up for myself, started pursuing my dream job and much more.  It was amazing and more importantly opened my eyes to my true calling in life and opened up doors to make that happen.


This of course did not happen overnight and at times was difficult.  But I no longer dreaded setting goals for myself and no longer feared failure.  By no longer letting fear control me or allowing myself to stay trapped by circumstances, I finally set myself free and started realising my true potential.  It was a gift I gave myself and I am so thankful for it.  Living this way, I feel there is no limit to what I can achieve and no limit to what I can help other achieve as well.  That is the real prize for me.  Keeping it real for myself and helping others keep it real too!  It is what makes me truly happy.

Do you struggle with keeping it real?  What steps do you take in achieving your goals?  Are you still stuck?  Need help?  Leave a comment and share what you have learned or would like to learn about keeping it real with yourself.            


  1. Love this!! This is so inspiring. I was having a bad week last week and this is JUST what I needed to hear. Thank you!!

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by and I am so glad you enjoyed the article and it helped you out! Have a great week!