Thursday, March 5, 2015

What is Holding You Back From Living Your Best Life?

As a health and wellness coach I often instruct clients to take a real hard look at their life and ask the tough question of; What is holding you back from living your best life?  The answers I get back are extremely varied, personal, and heartfelt.  Answers can range from a persons weight, to a destructive relationship, or not trusting themselves.  It can be a real tough question to face, especially when the person is not ready to make the shift into positive action.  But little do they know, that by simply identifying the answer to the question, this is in fact a step in the right direction.  By reflecting upon the life we are currently living and allowing ourselves to actually identify areas we are extremely happy with and unhappy with helps to bring about healthy change.  It is when we stop trying to engage with our own lives that the slope can get slippery and things can get seriously out of whack.  

As adults, we seem to have conditioned ourselves to serve everyone else's needs first and neglect our own.  It some how gets ingrained into our intellect that to take time for ourselves is either selfish, inappropriate or something we will get to later.  That cycle will always continue until we make a conscious effort to change.  But how can you make peace with where you are at right now and work on making improvements to where you want to get to?  The first step is to simply answer the above question honestly.  By answering the question openly and honestly you will be able to target the areas that need work in your life.  Once you have identified an area that needs work, you now need to figure out how to make that area in your life serve you better and come up with a solid action plan that is both realistic and attainable.  Working at this in small steps and making incremental changes can have such a positive impact in your life and help bring about balance and happiness.  True change can only come about when you truly want to change. 

So, What is holding you back from living your best life?   Are you struggling with the answers and need help?  If you need help I am here to coach you and help you discover the answers to your questions.  You can connect with me at: and we can discuss how my coaching program or one-on-one session can benefit you in discovering the best you, you can be!                

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